Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sore tuesday...

After yesterdays workout I am sore sore sore... but I wont let it stop me from continuing. I used to say "oh I cant workout until the extreme soreness is gone" well not this time. I am going through it until the major soreness doesnt come anymore.

I have another busy busy day planned.
-Get G to school
-Spin class
-Shower and swing by rachs to love on her baby so she can shower
-run some errands and maybe lunch out
-clean out freezer and fridge since its trash night
-Clean all three bathrooms
-making tacos for dinner with homemade salsa

busy busy! TTYL~


  1. Yanno...back when I had a personal trainer, I remember the day after my first session with him. My toenails even hurt! But, I went back in, and told him about it...He pushed me to workout, and you know what? Within 10 minutes, the pain was almost GONE. It was because the acid in my muscles (that cause you to feel so sore) gets worked out of the tissue as you workout. So...one good combatant to soreness is to keep on working!

    Now, to follow through with that is harder than saying it. But, isn't that always the case? Well, at least with me! Good luck today!!

  2. Good call on continuing to workout. I have 2 pounds before I get to one-derland and I am on a track to get it done by next monday.

  3. Good for you for working through the soreness! You amaze me with the energy you have. All that you accomplished yesterday would have laid me flat for today!