Saturday, October 2, 2010


Im feeling pretty good this morning. Yesterday I started a new food journal - love having new stuff! I also checked out The Eat Clean Diet book... Im not going crazy with my eating but it had some great pointers in it for each meal. Im going to really try to eat alittle cleaner and make my lunch and dinner more lean protein and green veggies. Found a great recipe also for a omelet in a bag... I will try it out monday and post pics!

Im very sore this morning from my massage. I had a TON of knots in my neck that she really worked on leaving my neck very tender.

Today Im getting off at 1pm and have the afternoon to myself. Im going to go get some shopping done - I have NOTHING to wear that fits. I plan on dropping another size soon though so cant go crazy with new clothes. I cant wait to be at goal and really be able to buy some classic well fit clothing knowing that it will fit for a long time. Going to either get a nice run in today or hit the gym again and have to pick up the materials for my new floor tonight.

Time to get ready for work - ttyl!


  1. I look forward to the omelet in a bag thing.. sounds interesting.

  2. Hey, Christina, thanks for coming by my blog. It seems like you're doing really well. We're practically neighbors--I'm in Alexandria. Some rain we had, wasn't it?? I love that you treat yourself to a massage. I've got to look into that--with my running & the other exercise I do, I know I get tight places that could benefit from a little attention. Hope you have a great run, the weather is perfect.

  3. Ah, a massage and shopping...That's heavenly!