Friday, October 1, 2010

good and some vent...

I had a pretty decent day - had an AMAZING 90 min massage at massage envy ... love that I give myself that monthly gift. After G got up from his nap we headed to the gym so I could get some running time in. I HATE running on the treadmill. And it seems like running after only eating a small bowl of soup is not the best idea. I was alittle light headed. Well I got an hour workout in. I ran 3 miles then did about 30 min of hill drills. I was a sweaty mess and it was awesome!

Now for the vent. I can 100% vent about my husband on here because I know without a doubt that he doesnt come on here. Hell even with me telling him about it and him seeing me posting every day I bet he doesnt even know that I have a blog. Yes sometimes he is that clueless. We havent had alot of "us" time or family time lately and while it bothers me it doesnt seem to phase him. I get home from work and he heads to the basement to play a game until after I go to bed. He has a few days off and NOTHING in the house is done (ok maybe some laundry but still) so when I have a few days off I have to do it all. Then this afternoon he gets home from work and while Im chatting about me and Gavins day he just walks away into another room - while Im in midsentence. That is so freaking rude. Then when I say something about it he says well you and gavin are both jabbering on and I cant focus. He wasnt even listening to me. He does this ALL the time. Then despite our son is going to grandmas for the weekend since we both work and despite the fact that he worked late and hasnt seen either of us the day before and despite the fact he is off at 2 tomarrow and noone will be home to bug him... he choses tonight to go work on his truck (not the one he actually drives everyday). Doesnt spend any time with us. He never ever ever just decides to be silly and play as a family. He will with Gavin but not with all three of us. G wont have any funny fun all of us family memories.

Just frustrated...


  1. :( I can relate to your vent, although things are finally getting better around my house, I know that can be very frustrating.

  2. I hope things get better!! Stress is such a pain!! :(

  3. My husband gets like that sometimes and I find that if I get very blunt about it, it makes him sort of wake up. Like instead of asking him to spend less time on video games I ask, "What is wrong with our marriage that you would rather play a video game than spend time with me?" Then he's like, wait, what? Because he REALLY doesn't get that it's a big deal unless I make it into an even bigger one!

  4. The people we love can frustrate us the most, for sure. I hope things are better soon.