Monday, December 20, 2010

Ok ready to talk about it...

OK Im back and ready to discuss the 5 lb weight gain.

I had to take some time and have a pity party for myself for awhile. I text my best friend and her response "wow"... yea I suck. I text my husband and his response surprised me, "sorry, we ate out too much" - he felt kind of responsible. He didnt force me to go WAY off plan. No one but me made the choice not to make any smart decisions. To have 4 large bowls of cereal for dinner, to have grilled cheese and fries for lunch most of the week, to have candy, cakes and more than half of a damn gingerbread house!

I do this probually every 2 months - typically when Im about to make a move from one big number to the next... this time from the 150s to the 140s. I freak out and then that turns into a week or a month of CRAZINESS! This time it last two weeks.

I am proud of me that I put my pride aside and got to a meeting. When I got there I told the women that I knew I gained and just put the number in the book, dont want to know. I wanted to look at it privately. She gave me a pity look, hate those, and told me "well atleast your target daily points didnt go up"... yippee.

The weigh in was what I needed. To remind myself how incredibly quick one can go back to really bad old habits and how fast the weight can go back on. It took me almost a full year to lose 50lbs... I could put that back on easily in 2-3 months. I dont have the strength to do this all over again... I cant go back to where I was!

So today I did what I know works. I journaled my food. SOmething so simple - works 100% of the time for me, yet I give up and dont do it. It doesnt take alot of time and its easy... I NEED to do it. I have stayed within my points 100%.

Before I talk about my exercise for the day - wanted to discuss one more thing food wise. When you eat crap your body craves crap. Simple as that. When I give in to all the processed sugary stuff then I want more and more and more. Today I have craved cookies sooooo bad!

So now for workout - plan was to run outside 8 miles today. I took G to school, ran my errands then headed to where I mapped my run. I ran about 1/2 a mile. It was COLD and WINDY. The cold wind hitting my face kept taking my breath away. I was miserable. So I ran the 1/2 mile back to my car. I was COLD and had a headache that wouldnt go away and was cranky. SO I picked up G and came home and took a nap. Then it was karate and dinner. Well after G went to bed, I decided I needed to get some miles in. So I headed down to the basement on the treadmill and got 5 miles in. It wasnt the 8 that I really wanted to do but guess it was better than nothing. I need to get back on track mileage wise if I am going to be ready for the marathon in March.

For the record... I HATE HATE HATE winter running.... HATE IT!

Todays food
8am almond butter/banana on english muffin 5.5 points
10am coffee with skim milk 1 point
1pm flat bread pizza with goat cheese, mushrooms, turkey pepperoni 6 points
3pm 4 meringue cookies 3 points
5pm 2 donut holes 3 points
630pm 4 oz chicken, green beans, mushrooms, brocoli 4 points
22.5 - 6.5 left for the evening.
Yes between 3 and 5 I could have made much better food choices. Could have had some fruit or cottage cheese or something but I didnt. Im about to go have an apple with almond butter....yummy.

My lunch is packed and ready to go for tomorrow.

It will be a good week
It will be a good week
It will be a good week


  1. Thanks for being so honest with your food lately. Dieting is so hard for me - and as motivating as it is to see everyone doing so well. It's refreshing to see those who do well in cyber world, can still *be real* and backslide. I know you'll turn it around though! You've owened up to it early - and not wanting to start back at the beginning is certainly motivation enough! Despite my poor diet habits, I do tend to maintain my weight well. So I usually don't gain much. If I do, I can loose those few pounds easy enough. Just nothing past that without some real dedication!

  2. This time of year is so tough! :( I needed to run today, too, but we're doing gift baskets for our students and the docs and nurse anesthetists that help our students in the clinical arena, and I had so much baking to do - and I came straight home and have been baking since. :( No run, and I don't know if I'll be able to make myself get up early enough to run tomorrow, either. Ugh. I feel your pain, hon!