Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Over slept :(

Well I couldnt get out of bed this morning - overslept and missed spin class :( I will work in some sort of workout this evening, sometime.

I have a busy day planned - need to work my 12 hour shift (6 days off after today!!!), then rush home so that G can help me ice and sprinkle his school cupcakes before he goes to bed, then need to head out to target to pick up some xmas cards for his teachers for part of their gift.

Between now and friday evening I need to buy a handful of small things for some family members still, finish wrapping a few things, make a few dips for parties, go grocery shopping - expecially if we get a few feet of snow on Sunday (FINGERS CROSSED!!!) and straighten up my house before Christmas attacks it. I have a 10 mile run scheduled for tomorrow and a massage booked too!

Busy busy.

I am SOOOOOO excited to be off for Christmas. Working in the healthcare field and hubby being a police officer - we do not normally do Xmas on the 25th... this is the first time in the four years that we have had G that we are both home for Xmas morning!

Im also very excited about friday night - first xmas eve spending it with friends instead of family. Looking forward to some laughs and just a good evening. My friend Rach is bummed out to be here for xmas - this is her first xmas not going home to north carolina to be with her large family... hopefully its better than she thinks it will be :)


  1. Oh, lucky you! I'm off for Christmas (and most of the week after, although I did tell them to call me if they needed an extra pair of hands) and it feels great!

  2. Blogger ate my comment!
    Enjoy your Holiday time together!