Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a few more pics :)

Still waiting on the final official pics but here are a few more. Dont worry I will start talking about something other than the marathon very soon :)

This was before we headed to the start - the sun was coming up over the water. It was COLD!

This was the first part on the boardwalk - maybe around mile 9? We were super happy still... hated the wind but happy!

Homeward stretch - a block away from the finish... I was HURTING

OK tonight a non marathon post - promise! oh and Im not sore anymore! Almost went to spin class but thought I shouldnt push it.


  1. YEAH!!! so fun reading the first marathon report! welcome to the club! it was a beautiful day out there, aside from the wind! way to hang tough and stick it out. hope you're still wearing that medal proudly, you earned it!!


  2. How exciting! You must be so proud of yourself!! That is so awesome!! I love all the photos!!

    And to answer your question... I don't know if I will do a full marathon. Right now I'm planning on 2 more half marathons. One in October and one in January. We'll see what happens after that. lol

  3. Fabulous job! So proud of you!!!!

  4. YEA for you! So glad you enjoyed it. I cried in October when I finished my first. #2 is easier for sure. It still hurt but I was able to ignore it easier. Also the recovery has been much better.

    Start entering that lottery if you want NYC! It can take up to 4 years to get in. I find out in April if I made this year's lottery.