Wednesday, March 23, 2011

back into the swing of things...

SO yaaa a nonmarathon post - promised!

Today was an awesome day. I was off so that was a bonus and even more so because dh got up with G this morning and got him to preschool and I slept until 1030! Unheard of in my house!

And when I woke up - behold... the soreness was GONE! Which put me in a great mood!

Today was a rainy cold nasty day so we stayed in and made a fort - fun fun - and baked ... for me I made these butterless chocolate chip cookies (with beans...shhhh). Unfortinately I was the only one in my house that really liked them. Dh can never get passed the whole wheat flour aftertaste and G just wasnt a fan... but maybe when he tries them again tomorrow. We also made sugar cookies rolled in sprinkles for G to take to school tomorrow.

The marathon did one amazing thing - it rejuvinated me. It made me really understand that I can do ANYTHING - as long as I put in the work. It may not be easy but the end is totally 100% worth it.

So Im about to go pack my work food for tomorrow - grilled chicken, sauted zucchini/peppers/onions/mushrooms/asparagus, carrots with hummus, apple slices with natural pb, cantalope. Yummy.

I have already signed up for 530 am spin class so after I pack my lunch I will be off to pack my gym bag and work clothes.

Then it will be time to curl up with a book and early bed time for the early rise time :)

Oh and I picked my next run - May 21st Armed Forces 10K. Im very much hoping to be preggo by then and figure even preggo I can handle 6 miles. They will just be slow.

As for hoping to be preggo - I dont know how those that take a while to get pregant do it... all the waiting! I cant test until next week. Then if its negative you have to wait again until your fertile then wait again to test and so on and so on... makes the month go REALLY slow.


  1. Many congrats on your marathon! Following your journey has been amazing :)

    I fall into that category of women who got pregnant once she stopped trying! We tried for nearly 6 months and gave up as I was deploying to the Middle East as was my husband and what do you know but 10 days into being overseas I turned up pregnant...truly a miracle! So don't stress it and it will happen it's meant to :)


  2. Congratulations and good luck with the baby thing!