Friday, March 25, 2011

Good morning!

Good morning everyone! Its friday - Im sure for some of you thats a happy day... in the life of public service (hubby is a police officer, Im a nurse practitioner) fridays and weekends mean nothing.

  • I attempted to run today for the first time since the marathon. I went to spin class yesterday and was FINE. Origionally wanted to run outside with my dog but its 30 degrees outside so opted for the treadmill. Im trying to work now on my speed instead of distance for a few months. Well 1/2 mile into a 9min/mile pace the back of my right leg got a HORRIBLE cramp. My legs just arent ready from the marathon. So I opted to do a full body weights workout with my hubby instead.

  • Today is my first 19 hour... yes you heard that right... 19 hour shift at my sister hospital. To explain - we have 2 hospitals in the county. One is significantly bigger than the other. I work in the bigger one with a 15 bed ICU. There is a midlevel - me (a NP or PA) and an ICU doctor and we split the unit. We work 12 hour days. I LOVE it there. Our sister hospital only has a 6 bed ICU. There is an ICU doctor there from 7a-12. From noon until 7 the following morning its staffed by a nurse practitioner. Since I was a new graduate (Dec 2009) - I needed to get comfortable taking care of critically ill patients as well as procedures (intubations, central line placements, ect) on my own before I could go to the sister hospital. Well the powers that be say Im ready. I did a 6 hour shift a few weeks ago just to get my feet wet. Today is the whole thing. Im so hoping that 1. its not too busy and I can get a nap in sometime in the early morning hours and 2. if someone really sick comes in that I can handle it... yes I have back up - until 7pm I have the doctor that was in on call and he is within a 2 mile radius to come in to help me, I have the ER doctors to back me up and at any time I can call the ICU doctors at the other hospital and run a case by them... but still. So that is what I will be doing today.

  • On another note - I lost 2 followers this week... bummer :(

  • I forgot to weigh myself at the gym yesterday :(

So what exciting things do you have planned this weekend? Please let me live vicariously through all of you ... sat I will sleep most of the day and sunday I work :( Thank god I love my job!


  1. You'll get back into your running groove, but your body probably needs some time. You ran 26.2 miles! I can't even imagine doing that. You rock!

    I'm looking forward to a relatively calm weekend, although I might stop into work tomorrow just to play catch up. Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm working all weekend, too. Blech! But there's always next weekend. I won't jinx you with the dreaded "Q" word - I'll just wish you a pleasant call shift. :)