Sunday, April 10, 2011

retireing pants

I have to retire my favorite most amazing size 8 pants - it was coming anyways with the 10 lb weight gain :( but I squeezed into them still. I wore then yesterday and I was miserable. Between the 10 lbs weigh gain and the fluid Im retaining in early pregnancy... they are done :( Thank god we will be going into summer weather and I need new clothes anyways since my summer clothes from last year are huge.

Im not handleing the process that Im going to gain weight very well - yes Im an intellegent person. I can tell myself its healthy and that it will come back off but that doesnt make me handle it any better.

Not to mention the last two nights I have had twin boy dreams.... GOD NO, please! Granted if we had twins then E would quit bugging me about having a second one.

Went for an easy three mile run yesterday - aiming for a 4-5 mile run this evening. The weather here is awesome! Hoping to have a bonfire tonight with the family if we can get some wood.

Yesterday we spent a wonderful day in Jersey visiting my wonderful neices. Officially everyone knows now :)

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