Friday, April 8, 2011

yucky friday

Its very yucky outside. Its rainy and gross and well... blah! I didnt get my workout in yesterday which means I havent worked out in three days. Yes I really really want to be lazy and lay on the couch but thats not my style. (Granted I went to bed at 845pm last night - I dont remember being this tired last time, amazing what being 5 years older can do!)

Anyways I wanted to spin today but the spin instructor for todays class is not up there on my favorite list. I was going to just run on the treadmill but I really dont want to do that either so I signed up for a step class. Should be funny - havent done one in a long while.

Sometime today I need to get to the store and buy some new dress shoes then tonight is hubbys award ceremony for Officer of the Year... so so so proud of him!

So lots going on today in this wet nasty gross day -

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  1. Congrats to hubby.
    I am tired just thinking about being pregnant. Be good to yourself.