Saturday, January 7, 2012

beginning of a healthy weekend...

Weekends are my bad days typically - Im sure that is for most of us that have weight issues. It seems weird that sat or sun would derail me so easily since I work 12 hour shifts and only work 3 days a week. So there really is no difference in my schedule on say a Thursday then a Saturday but I think its just the mentality that its a weekend. And in my head weekends mean time off... which used to mean time "off" my diet aswell... saturday meant a drink or two and dinner out, sundays meant brunch. Ive have to constantly remind myself that there is nothing special about a Saturday.

Today was good - got to sleep in since hubby got up with baby and the little man so I slept until 11 which is just completely unheard of in my house. We went to see my inlaws where I did NOT eat one single cookie, candy, nuts ect  that they constantly try to push on me. I had a glass of water and called it a day - yaaa me. Then took the kids over to play at a friends house since football has taken over my husband for the weekend. Not only did I eat healthy while there... I went through the dunkin donuts drive through to get a coffee and did NOT get a donut (woohoo), did NOT stop at my favorite coffee place that has scones that I can not say no to, did NOT go through the Wendys drive thru for lunch on the way there... instead I packed my lunch. You heard me right...I packed my lunch as if I was going to work - to go play at a friends house :) Packed my healthy soup, carrots with hummus and a pear with a large bottle of water. woohoo.

Came home and got my sweat on - went up a level on couch to 5k. Didnt do weights as planned though- doing them last time did a bit to much pulling on the midsection/incision so Im waiting another week and trying again.

Went grocery shopping - where I swear it seems like I am spending a small fortune to eat healthy.

Then made a super yummy late dinner for me since everyone else had already eaten - diced cooked chicken, left over brocoli, roasted brussel sprouts all on top of 1/2 a boiled potatoe that was mashed with a bit of garlic and lite sour cream. 8 points and SOOOOO worth it. Incredibly filling. And I had 14 points left over anyways for the day. Its 9pm and I still have 6 points left - will use 2 more later. Im super stoked about dessert ... bought some mini semi sweet choc chips ... going to make the banana softserve and top it with one serving of chips. YUMMY! Get my chocolate fix without over doing it.

I was planning to come on here tonight and share my review of my new biggest loser cookbooks and the book written by the first female biggest loser. Was also playing around in my head about starting to have one great meal or one great dessert each week if I stay within my daily points the rest of the time - have alot of thoughts/concerns on that and need to write it out ... will try tomorrow to get that in.

1. How do you keep yourself on track over the weekend?
2. Do you feel like you are spending way more to eat healthy and do you have any tips for bringing down the grocery bill while still stay with fresh produce and lean meats?


  1. It really sounds like u are getting things under control and u are doing so good. I don't treat the weekends any different then any other day. I still get up and have my bran cereal and banana and eat lunch and dinner around the same times and have a couple snacks throughout the day. I guess its all about getting into a habit. I don't really feel like I'm spending that much more to eat healthy because I'm eating the same things I ate before I'm just decreasing my portion sizes. I do need to start buying more fresh fruits and veggies and that can get expensive. I hope u keep up with the great routine and pretty soon u will be at your goal weight.

  2. I wish it wasnt more expensive for me - but unfortinatly that is how its been. I have stopped eating processed food for the most part so I have been cooking all my meals. I have been trying to incorporate fresh fruits and veggies with each meal and as snacks and with it not being farmer stand time that sucks.

  3. Good brother it is more expensive to eat in a healthy way than an unhealthy way...let's just look at vs. hotdogs. 1.50 for a pack of hotdogs...and 10.00 dollars for fish. But if you look at price heart attack...vs. heart attack 50,000 dollars. I'll take the fish. lol. Thanks for the support and kind comments. Keep up the good work. Sundays are my hardest days because they are my day of 'rest'. exercise (i.e. pain) seems to keep me o n track. But I will endeavor to perservere. lol.