Sunday, January 8, 2012

great way to start my morning...

My morning started as it typically does - 630 awake with baby girl, she goes back to bed but then little man wakes up. Ate breakfast - egg whites on a corn english muffin, coffee, grapefruit. And here is where it went awesome... the second hubby woke up I passed him baby girl and headed down to the treadmill. It was a scheduled run day but my body felt like it. I redid yesterdays run and it felt so much easier then yesterday! And to top it off when I came back up hubby was bathing my spitting up queen of a baby. yaaaa!

Now its time for some outside time with little man - going to get him new shoes, out to lunch at panera (where I have mastered a 6 point AWESOME lunch) and then to the playground. See you all later!

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