Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally a snow day!

Crazy, living in Maryland and getting our first snow day mid January! Hubby and I LOVE snow and say bring it on!

As soon as we got up this morning it was out to be in the snow...
As you can see - the first snow wasnt alot but we were just happy it was here!

I had to meet up with another mom that was selling some cans of the formula we use and since I was out I did a produce run at Wegmans... should have taken a picture. We go through ALOT of fruits and veggies... this was a $60 trip.

We had grand plans to go see the inlaws today but decided instead to stay in our jammies, enjoy the weather and relax.

I did get my workout in though - it was a run day and the run was SOOOOO much better than last time!

My hubby goes back to work tomorrow after 7 weeks off for paternity leave. Im ready to get back into my own schedule but so not looking forward to having to do the nights on my own. Fingers crossed tonight is a good night :)

Tomorrow is a no workout day - very much looking forward to it. No workout doesnt mean no moving though - still heading to the gym to take my little man to the pool.

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