Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my issue with weight watchers...

I am a firm believer that weight watchers is the best "diet" out there. It really is about teaching you how to eat correctly and make lifestyle changes. Its not about selling their foods. Its about support.

Having said that - as a rejoining overweight person - I have one little issue. They say that the perk of WW is that you can eat anything you want as long as you watch portions, count points, track, ect ect ect. I dont know about you - BUT I have an issue with food. I have major food issues - its how I got how I am. If I go out to eat, I cant not have an appetizer or dessert. I cant look at the menu and not order something that makes my mouth water. Then since I blew the meal, I might aswell have a few packs of my sons fruit snacks. Hell I might as well go out for icecream after dinner or have a second or third drink. Then that goes into the next morning and so forth. I CANT DO IT!

I also know that I cant baracaide myself in my house with my healthy fridge full of great options. I cant NOT go to birthday celebrations, events, dinners out ect. I cant NOT live. So I need to figure out how to have a middle ground.

This week I have a date day scheduled with hubby - tomorrow. We are going out to lunch and to a shooting range. I have planned my points accordingly. I have said no to other events out this week because that is my "event". I am staying within my daily point allowance so I have the option to use all of my extra points. I am working out every day for 30 min on the treadmill. I will track whatever I get at the restaurant to the best of my ability. And yes I will have something I enjoy while out. But I will not have alcohol - hello middle of the day. I will not have an appetizer AND a dessert and we will share. I will try to make a smart selection on my entree. And when the meal is over its over - back to my regular meal plan.

But that doesnt mean I havent thought about the damn lunch out multiple times a day.

God I hope this gets easier. I know going out to lunch isnt "cheating" on my diet - my brain knows that but I still feel like Im doing something wrong.

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  1. Do you find that you are thinking about food overall, or is it limited to things like carbs/sweets? I know I am like that with carbs and sweets, and I had to really reduce them from my diet so I wouldn't obsess. I'm sure that is NOT what you want to hear, and I hate it myself, but that is what has worked for me.
    Just a thought - I know exactly how you feel!