Tuesday, January 10, 2012

racing fees are going to kill me...

WOW racing fees really add up! I have no clue how people do several events a month. I have officially registered for my two half marathons!
1. Annapolis, MD ZOOMA June 2, 2012
2. Bird in Hand, PA Half Sept 8th, 2012

Now I need to register for the 5k by the bay in April and the Philadelphia marathon in Nov. Neither of them have registration open yet or it would be done. They are all nonrefundable so once registered its game on!

Today was a good day -
  • first I had a major AHA moment and shared it (you can read it HERE).
  • I had a great weigh in. Lost 2.6 lbs this week. I am 0.4 away from losing my first 10%. I never paid attention to that before on weight watchers. This time is different though. I am fully committed to the entire WW experience this time around. For example I couldnt get out of the door in time for the WW meeting this morning, got there when it was almost over. I went in anyways, stayed for the after session and then chatted with the leader for a bit. I would have never done that before!
  • Food was pretty awesome too!
    • Breakfast was chocolate oatmeal with raspberries. OMG it was SOOOOO good! I got my inspiration from a recipe I found on greenlitebites.com. Here is the origional recipe posted by Roni. I made it alittle easier by just adding 1 tbsp of cocoa powder (15cal) to my old fashioned oats, a dash of vanilla extract, 1 packet splenda and a handful of fresh raspberries. It was 5 points. It was so yummy! So yummy that I went and bought more berries today!
    • I was hungry at the grocery store, luckily WW gave their new 2 point bar out today free so I had that and a bottle of water.
    • Lunch was left over grilled chicken parm with homemade sauce on top of speghetti squash - 6 points
    • packed an apple for Gs swim lessons but was too busy with baby to think about it.
    • Dinner was left over tortilla casserole and a bowl of garden veggie soup. (6)
This week Im planning to do a day date with hubby on Thursday so Im not using any extra points this week so that I can enjoy lunch out. Our date is going to the shooting range... love being married to a cop :)

QUESTION - What was the last date you had with your significant other?

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