Monday, January 9, 2012

Staying motivated

WOOHOO 2 weeks down, a life time to go :)
This time around Im trying harder to stay in the moment and motivated. Im doing things that I have never done before and Im keeping myself surrounded by things that will help. For example -
  1. I have my workout calander taped to my bathroom mirror to remind me numerous times a day to get my workout in. So far so good :)
  2. Someone posted this picture on facebook today. It spoke to me. Not the fat that surrounds the outside making the person look overweight but the fat you can see in the persons intestines, heart, ect. I want to treat my body better than that. I put this picture as the background on my laptop so I see it over and over.
  3. Im meal planning and sticking to it!
  4. I am surrounding myself with books of stories to keep me inspired. I just read Ali's book about her experience. Granted not the best writing out there but it was nice to read about the behind the scenes of the Biggest Loser. I just started Jillians book. It got great reviews and its not about weight loss... but about finding yourself. Im not a self help book kind of gal but everyonce in a while I find something that speaks to me. Some of her quotes in there touch very close to home.
  5. I have told my friends and family what Im working on and that I need their support.
  6. I keep coming back here - over and over.
  7. I went through the pics of last year reminding myself of how great it felt to be healthier... this is my favorite!
  8. I cut out soda - completely. Before I said "who cares its diet"... omg what a difference. I craved ALOT of sweet things before. I think it was the sodas. Im on day 10 or 11 of not a single soda and I really dont miss it.
Im debating making a picture board of everything I want to accomplish. It feels slightly cheesy to me but I hear it helps.

What do you do to surround yourself and keep yourself motivated?


  1. U have some really good tips here, I need to make an exercise chart so I will stay on track with that to. I do have a weight loss chart posted in my bedroom on a corkboard and it inspires me to see the line going down and down. I also keep my weight watchers journal near by and track everything I eat. I did have an inspiration board but after looking at it for awhile it didn't really represent what I was trying to do so I threw it away. I think looking at pictures of myself as I am right now inspires me alot more than looking at skinny models who have been photoshopped to up the great work.

  2. Christina - great idea on a weight loss chart... I think I might make one tonight!

  3. Your dedication and excitement are amazing, I am sure you will conquer your goals!

    Someone just told me about the cookbook The Feed Zone, geared toward athletes and everything is fast and simple. I found some of the recipes online and they looked great so I ordered it, check it out as part of your meal planning.

    Motivation is really hard, but I find with a goal I can stick to it. I took up Ironmans to challenge myself to do things I thought were impossible and not only did it end up being possible, but I'm training for my 5th one!