Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today is weigh in and Im nervous. I dont know why exactly Im nervous. I stayed within my points very well this week. I didnt eat out. I didnt have any sodas. I drank a crap load of water. I took my vitamins. I spent 30 min on the treadmill most days and took my dog for long walks. What else could I have done?

It makes me mad that how I feel about all of the above will be decided based on what the scale says... if I dont lose then I know I will be upset and think I must not be worth it, didnt do good enough. But Im a smart intellegent woman... I KNOW I did awesome this week. I KNOW that the number on the scale if it doesnt go down this week it was for a reason and I will see a great week next week... but I also KNOW me and KNOW that those first thoughts will win. Which reminds me how much work on me I need to do.

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  1. I know how u feel. I have to weigh in tonight to so I won't eat all day until I weigh in. At least I'm going on a field trip in school today so lots of walking maybe that will help. I wish u the best of luck on your weigh in.