Saturday, January 28, 2012

Today will be productive...

Today will be productive - I need to get off my couch, off this computer and enjoy the day. Its not normal for us to have 50 degree days in January and the kids could definately get out of the house!

Just had breakfast - bummed to see the new old fashioned oats I bought were really quick oats... so not the same! Now I need to get moving, get both kids ready and out the door to the gym - its a spin kind of morning :) After spin it will be time for showering, lunch and then Im thinking playground :) Might even try for a movie night with my little man tonight since hubby will be at work.

On a side note - tried on all of my scrubs last night... omg they are so small! Not a single pair fit. I have a wonderful job that I can either wear scrubs or business casual. My entire pregnancy I wore business casual and a lab coat until my lab coat didnt fit. So I havent wore the scrubs since I was about 160 lbs ... at 176lbs they dont go over my hips. It was alittle sad - shame I didnt try on them before I had my little eating party. So Monday I will need to go buy new scrubs. Im short so that is never a fun experience. Either they are tight, WAY too big or way too long. Blah. I cant believe I go back to work next week... time flys!

Ok off to get me and the clan out of the house. What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Great minds think alike...have spin on the schedule this morning as well!!