Saturday, January 28, 2012

an important day

Today was an important day - no it wasnt my birthday (although it will be in 12 days!), no there were no family emergencies. To anyone else today wouldnt have seemed any different then any other day. But to me today was important.

Why? Because I chose ME - over anything and everything.

I chose ME to have "my time" this morning and started the day off with an awesome spin class.

I chose ME when I decided to relax and just enjoy my kids today we took a nice long walk just the three of us around the neighborhood today followed by a movie night.

I chose ME when I decided not to beat myself up for having a buttery, super yummy crepe. I have wanted to try one there forever and so I did. Not the end of the world. At first I wanted to throw things out the window and make myself feel bad about it... to finish it off with ordering pizza and a soda. But no, I did nothing wrong by having that crepe. I enjoyed it and its time to continue on with my day - so instead dinner was left over brown rice with veggies, turkey and of course brussel sprouts.

I chose ME and stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and emailed the coach to a local all female triathalon group GO MAMA GO to get information about joining. BIG STEP. No Im not physically ready for it. No I dont have time for that kind of training. By taking a step and getting info, and even joining, doesnt mean it has to take over. I can use the resourses to learn to really swim. Learn to be a better runner. Meet amazing moms doing the same thing locally. Maybe even make a new friend or two - making friends as an adult is HARD!

The new background on my computer came from Spunkysuzi ... its simple. It merely says BE HONEST (to yourself). I think we need to all do that a bit more.

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  1. Be honest. A good policy. You have a winning mindset. It's nice to read.