Tuesday, January 31, 2012

tomorrow is the day

I cannot believe its been 8 weeks already. Tomorrow I go back to work. Not only do I go back to work but I go back to my home hospital (I spent 3 months at our sister hospital before going out on maternity leave). I am nervous, excited, scared, sad. I can't remember my damn user name or password. My go to book that I keep all my little tidbits in was in the van during the accident and is still there ... in Jersey, with the van. Of course the first day back hubby is on evenings so G and baby Bre will be at the sitters until 8pm :(

I have prepped for tomorrow the best I could. I packed G's lunch. I have his clothes and my clothes layed out. I packed my work bag. Pulled out and ironed my lab coat. I made my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - staying well within my point range, leaving 4 points for a snack when I get home and get the kids in bed.  My coffee pot is programmed to go off. My water bottle is packed for work.

Im aiming .... scratch that... Im going to wake up and get my workout done before work. Im hoping baby girl is easy on me tonight. And I hope I can go to sleep... Im pretty wired at the moment.


  1. I just found your blog, and it's great! Best of luck on your first day back at work and on your goal to get back to marathon shape by next November. I'm trying to lose about 80 pounds and am currently in a 100 Day challenge. I'll be checking in on your blog, as I am following you now.