Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well I survived my first day back. I need to keep this short because I have to leave in 30 min to head back to work and havent blow dryed my hair yet :)

First day back was good - very busy which is how I like it but I was EXHAUSTED by 5pm. Those last 3 hours were tough. I only called home twice :) Then it was rushing to pick up kids and get them both in bed, pack my lunch, pack my work bag and pack the gym bag. Signed up for 530am spin... haha didnt happen. I woke up at 5 and said yea right and went back to bed. I will make up for it tomorrow but I really needed that extra hour of sleep.  Yesterday was so busy that I didnt eat half of what I brought and came home at 830 at night with 10 points still left over for the day. Went to bed with 5 left. Not on purpose but it was just too busy to eat. I did make sure my water bottle stayed filled though.

Have tons more to say but dont have time...
Reminders to me on my next post - night before choc oatmeal (amazing), coming home on yellow, men at work, rice dish.

See you all tomorrow...

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