Thursday, February 16, 2012

a GREAT run and a clear head :)

In the last 2-3 weeks for some reason my best runs have been around 8pm, once the kids are in bed, on my treadmill watching my dvr'd biggest loser. Its always when I did NOT want to run. Tonight was no different. I was hoping to go to a one hour spin class this morning but my plans got changed to help a friend out and bond with baby Bre's future best friend. Then the day got away from me and my run just didnt happen. So after dinner, getting the kids bathed, homework, reading, a game and tucking them in - I trotted my hiney down to the basement, put this weeks biggest loser on and started running. I told my hubby before I went down that my plan was to walk 5 min, jog 40 min, walk 5 min. About 20 min into the walk I had to tell myself about 100 times YOU ARE NOT WALKING. Then things started to feel better. Then 33 min into the run I told myself that running 35 min would be enough, good job. I got to the 35 min and the little voice in my head said "what is 5 more min?" so 5 more minutes it was. I hit my 40 min goal of jogging straight - went at a 11:30 pace because I wanted consecutive time running to be longer than I have been doing, not speed or distance. I felt great. I definately think I could have pushed myself faster or farther though - next time. Im so happy I didnt quit.

Today has been a day of talking to myself. The little voice in my head is getting more and more bossy... and healthy :) Every time I wanted to do something I shouldnt, the inner dialoge would start. The voice always won. Im glad my voice is the healthy one :) I wanted another coffee today but the voice said "you havent drank any water yet, no ... drink your water". I wanted a brownie cupcake that we made for V day (4 points) - the voice, "save it for tonight. If you work out hard and still want it then you can have it". Guess what? I did workout hard. And I dont want it anymore :)  I have been putting off going to the chiropractor this week because it just hasnt fit in... the voice told me to get my butt there because I always feel better for the rest of the week. It was a rainy nasty day here in Maryland, I wanted to take the family out to eat... voice - "nope go make the boys tacos  - they will love it and you make a cool salad"

Oh and what a salad I had. It was sooooooo yummy ... and HUGE. Im so mad I didnt take a picture. It was a big plate covered in baby spinach and shredded romaine and some fresh cilantro leaves. Topped with diced tomatoes, 1/2 a serving of my rice/veggie mix, 1/2 serving taco cheese, 1 frozen grilled chicken breast from the oven and a few spoonfuls of salsa. HUGE. VERY FILLING. VERY YUMMY. And only 6 points :)

Off to finish the night - need to shower, make oatmeal for tomorrow, pack lunches and get to bed. NITE!

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