Saturday, February 18, 2012

A great day!!!!

Had a fabulous day.

Started it off with a trip to the gym with baby girl. Spin class was HARD this morning! They tweaked all of the bikes for the indoor triatholon tomorrow. My flat road is normally 9 and my starting gear to stand is 14. My flat today was 6 and I could stand on 11... crazy!

Then it was a quick trip home to shower then to drop off Bre at Grandma's and pick up Gavin in the process. Then it was Gavin/Mommy date day :)  We opted to go hiking because it was GORGEOUS in Maryland today!

Then Gavin was off to a chuck e cheese date with my brother and niece Ava and I gave Daddy baby duty and took a much needed nap :)

I felt rejuvinated post nap - a much nicer happier version of myself then the tired cranky one I would have been. Even cleaned my room. Hubby went on laundry strike until I cleaned up all of my clothes in the room. It was stressing me out too - hopefully I can keep it that way.

My eating hasnt been all that great today but not horrible.  I doubt I will lose weight this week but Im ok with that.

Tomorrow is another busy filled day - started the morning with heading to the gym with both kids in tow and visiting my inlaws in the afternoon with hopefully a major cleaning streak in the middle. Its supposed to SNOW tomorrow afternoon... this winter has been SO weird!

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