Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the scale is screwing with me

The scale and my weigh in this week is screwing with me. I lost weight this week when I really shouldnt have. And now, every hour or two I think about something I want and tell me self ... screw it, you can have it and you might still lose weight. I KNOW that isnt right. I KNOW I have to be on point 90% of the time.

For most of the day I had a constant inner argument in my head... starting to think Im crazy!

After going to the gym and struggling through 4.5 miles on the treadmill I headed to my nromal coffee spot to get my post workout coffee (yes I get a coffee when I leave the gym, bite me). I told myself 'just get a snone, its ok'... then I yelled back at myself ... NO get your coffee and move on.

I had to talk myself out of peanut butter, marshmellows, poptarts, a soda, chocolates, and the list went on and on and on.

Then this evening the voice won. I made brownie cupcakes with little man and ate 3 of them. Ate the last bites of Gs dinner, put real butter on the toast I didnt need with dinner.

Im now telling the voice... loud and clear ... IM WORTH IT. I CHOSE TO TAKE CARE OF ME - ... remember... its only food.

So I ended the night with a grapefruit. The bitterness makes me not want anything sweet. Im finishing up Glee and then need to make lunches and prep for work tomorrow - blah.

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  1. I hate fighting that urge!! I did pretty much the same thing today. Did well all day, then my hubby decided he wanted a "special" valentines dinner... achem, pizza and chocolate mousse cheesecake later... I am just barely at my calories... well with all the calories I burned with my 6k this morning anyways... ugh...