Monday, February 13, 2012

silly scale

Sometimes physics doesnt work how I think it would. This week I didnt really track my food. Only stayed within my daily points for 3 or 4 max of the days and went WAY over my weekly extra points. WAY WAY over between dinners out and the movies. Yes I still drank my water and exercised but still.

I almost didnt go weigh in this morning. I KNEW it would be a gain and I wanted to igore it. But then I put my big girl panties on and went to face the music. And much to my surprise... I lost 1.2 lbs this week.

I didnt really deserve to lose weight this week and Im not patting myself on the back. Happy but not trying to over think it. Its weird. Silly scale!

On a side note - went out of my comfort zone today and had a BLAST.  Often when Im on the treadmills that over look the field I see a class doing crosstraining type work. It always looks fun but fear of sucking has kept me back. Today I took one of the cross training classes. It was 20 min of spin, 10 min on field doing cardio, 10 min spin, 10 min on field doing stations and then 20 min spin. IT WAS HARD... and awesome... and I cant wait to do it again!

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