Sunday, March 25, 2012

5 lbs in one week!

And no the scale did not go down. It went UP and UP and UP. Yes I gained 5 lbs this week. Now for that to be 5 lbs of fat gained then I would have had to eat over 17,000 more calories than I burned. And I only missed one workout this week. So NO I do not think I gained 5 lbs this week of fat. Dont get me wrong - my eating was HORRIBLE but not that horrible. I probually gained 2-3 lbs and the rest is water weight. I had tons of dried sausage and tamales from Texas and some crabs. Way more salt intake than normally. And yes at dinner tonight I had that horrible thought of - well I ruined this "diet" already so I might as well have that scone I really want. But I didnt!

What I want to know is when does this "lifestyle" click? When does it become what I want to do and not doing it because its what Im supposed to do?  When does it become a lifestyle choice and not a diet? Im definately not there yet. No where close.

But today was weigh in day. I got on the scale. I made my workout and eating plan for the week. I journaled my food today and I drank my water. Its been a good day. Dinner is done and I even have 4 points left over for a small evening snack after the kids are in bed. I still need to get my run in but it will have to wait until the kiddos bedtime. Im taking back this week!

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  1. Sometimes I gain 5 in just a day or two, it's water. Usually once back on track it goes away.