Friday, March 23, 2012

A good friday...

Today was a great day family wise. We started the morning off with a nice long hike. It was a GORGEOUS day in Maryland today. And there is nothing better than seeing a boy with his dog.

Im a bit out of my eating element and it shows my issues with food. I have been making more food than normal and bigger breakfast because Im cooking for an extra person and want to feed him well. Do I stick within my eating plans and eat just my smaller healthier meals with still making them all extra food... of course not. And by eating a little bit more here and there for meals makes me track back to my old eating ways. I eat something every single time I pass the kitchen. I will probually gain 3 lbs this week. I need to get back on track. As I write this Im officially making my kitchen off limits.

Workout wise its been a good week so far. Today I was supposed to get in a 4 mile run to finish this weeks workouts. That is the only workout planned that hasnt happenned yet - but I have one more day and it will happen. Granted it will happen at 430 in the morning before work but still :) I wish the gym openned at 5am on weekends too - I get such a better work day workout at the gym.

Now I need to make my workout plan for this coming week. This weeks half marathon training (week 2) needs to include a 3, 4, 3, and 5 mile runs. This is what Im thinking right now.
Sun  3 mile run, weight training
Mon  ealry morning spin
Tues early morning run - 4 miles
Wed  weight training/core
Thur 3 mile run
Fri  spin, weight training
Sat  5 mile run

May need to tweak that but its what Im thinking.

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