Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Seriously stressing out here and PEEVED Off!!! The quick version. Im a nurse practitioner. In the state of maryland you hold one license - same license number for your RN and your NP. They are renewed together but listed seperately. They expire yearly on your birthday month. I renewed mine the first week of febuary. This past friday it still wasnt updated as renewed so I called them, they assured it would be by the 28th. Well the RN was, the NP wasnt. Meaning I CANT WORK!!! Monday they had a power outage and were unreachable except via email. I was again told it would be fixed. Today NOPE NOT DONE! No one is answering emails or phone calls. I cant work tomorrow because I DONT HAVE A FREAKING LICENSE to practice... uhhhh!!!!!

So guess where I will be bright and early tomorrow??? Is it near by? Nope... during rush out will probually take me 2 hours to get there. UHHHHH! Over something so freaking simple!

Thank goodness I work with an awesome chick who agreed to do part of my shift tomorrow so they arent without a NP/PA at all. Thanks michelle!

On a side note - I rocked it at the gym today. 45 min on treadmill, 15 min on elliptical and full body workout with weights. Eating has been decent too - despite my mood... shocked I didnt decide to go with a huge margarita tonight!
Breakfast - shake = 4 points
Snack - coffee and an orange = 1 point
Lunch - egg white/sausage on english muffin = 7 points
Snack - carrots with hummus = 1 point
special treat - black bean brownies = 5 points
dinner - chicken, asparagus, mushrooms, potatoe, zucchini, goat cheese = 8 points
snack - rice cake with honey 3 points
29 points total - none left over.... no munching tonight!!!


  1. You kick them in the booty!!! What a bunch of morons running that office!! Hello we need our nurses!!! I love the NP at my doc's office!!

  2. Beurocracy. Gotta love it. Hope it's worked out!