Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am a very productive weiney!

First off I am a big old scaredy pants... trully pathetic really :)  I planned to go to a class today called 'Butts, guts and beyond'. I highly enjoy the teacher that teaches it when she teaches spin. I love the idea of getting work out ideas with the basu and the big ball and promised myself one core class a week. Today was going to be it. I had my daycare time situated and everything. Then this morning I woke up and chickened out. I tried to tell myself it was because I wanted more of a cardio class for my weight loss goals this week but we all know that was a pile of horse crap. I was scared of trying something new. Scared of looking like an idiot. Scared of not being able to keep up with the class. Scared of the pain I would be feeling tomorrow. So I bailed and went to a spin class instead. It was a great spin class - but still so dissappointed in myself.

on a side note - I have been VERY productive today. Here is a birds eye view of my day so far
545 am - wake up with Bre, go back to bed
645 am - wake up with Gavin, make his breakfast, pack his lunch and pull out his clothes for school, feed bre a bottle and make myself breakfast
830 am - head to the gym
845-1015 Gym time
1030 pick up some local eggs
11 home, feed Bre and take a shower
1130 Grocery shopping
1pm - home and get bre into bed and then start prepping for dinner and for tomorrow. Made roasted red pepper soup, 3 servings of my dark chocolate oatmeal, and a large bowl of assorted sauted veggies.
145pm - eat lunch and relax on here for a few min

Its now 215 - Bre should be getting up any minute. I still need to finish the soup with the blender (too noisy during nap time). Need to thaw and marinate the salmon for dinner tonight. G will be off the bus at 4 - then snack, homework, reading and some playing time. Dinner. And at some point I need to run out for some formula since Walmart was out and pack my gym bag for early morning spin tomorrow. I work 36 hours in the next three days just in time to be off the weekend, go to Gs soccer then pack up and head to Jersey for the rest of the weekend. And at some point my tub needs cleaned and my kitchen floor needs mopped.


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  1. Hey, at least you got a workout in! Not a total loss. :) I get the same way with certain classes. Celebrate the success!