Saturday, March 10, 2012

a little down

I will elaborate later but just a quick post since I have 5 million things to do this morning. Im in a funk. No clue why, no clue what started it. I worked 12 hour days the last three days and Im just tired. I havnet worked out in the last three days including today and its just not happenning today or tomorrow. And when that goes out the window so does my eating. I have been eating HORRIBLY. My fingers are so swollen from the increased salt intake. I even went through the drive through on my way home yesterday.

I need to get moving to pack up things for a trip to see my husbands family (without hubby :(  ) and we have a soccer game for G before we hit the road.

Im going to take this weekend to really think about the whys of what Im doing when I tell myself Im not worth it, the whys of the increased food intake, pushing off the gym. As for the gym I was exhausted the last two days - it happens. I planned to go this morning and get a run in but the thought of getting up early, packing for our trip, getting both kids to the gym, coming home to shower then back for soccer then straight onto the road was just too much for me.

I will be in a better place. See you all sunday night.

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