Saturday, March 31, 2012

Look back at March and April goals

Lets take a look at how March goals went...
March goals

1. Lose 5 lbs total - Nope lost 2.4lbs but tomorrow is weigh in and I may be closer to that goal but it doesnt count towards March.

2. Run 50 miles - Nope ran 36 miles... 1000/year is looking not so great

3. Go to a core workout class once a week - haha nope - completely forgot about this one

4. Spin class once a week - yes, twice a week actually

5. Buy a bathing suit and start swimming once a week  Nope

6. Start half marathon training yes yes and yes... and very excited about it too!

7. Date night with hubby nope this was a tough month on us and super busy. I have already put it on the calendar and gotten a babysitter for April though!

8. One on one time with little man yup why is this so much easier than alone time with hubby?

9. Me day nope

10. Journal my food EVERY DAY hahaha hell no

Im starting to wonder why I set goals. I dont reach them very well.

OK here goes...

1. completely artificial sweetner free
2. lose 5 lbs
3. run 50 miles
4. have fun in the 5k by the bay
5. Date night with hubby
6. a ME day
7. get that damn bathing suit
8. make my to do list the night before for the next day atleast 4 days/week

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