Sunday, April 1, 2012

mondays to do list

I didnt have a to do list today except for go to wok and get to bed early - win win.

Tomorrows to do is a bit more complicated

1. early morning spin (530am)
2. clean out van
3. clean bedroom
4. something fun with Gavin - maybe a hike?
5. gavin has swim lessons at 430
6. dinner is a crock pot meal

I like list :)

Today weigh in 170.5. I have the hardest time getting below each 10 spot. Its a mental thing. Once I finally over come it getting to the next 10 spot isnt difficult... but then I will struggle again for a month or two at that 10 spot. Its my MO and I know it. Its the fear of succeeding.

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  1. uh oh
    youre spinning right now.