Thursday, March 29, 2012

patting myself on the back and some food changes...

First off its 645 am - I have already been to the gym, poured my soul out in spin class, came home, showered and Im enjoying my coffee in a quiet dark house since everyone else is still sleeping :)

In addition on Monday before work I went to spin and Wed before work I ran 4.5 miles :)

Yesterday in the car I was listening to the broads on xm and they were interviewing JJ Virgin (what a name). She was talking about food sensitivities and how we are reactive to foods but so used to the reactions that we dont notice anymore - including fatigue, mood swings, swelling, inflammation ect. I have been toying with the idea of going processed free and it really felt like they were talking to me.

She suggested dropping dairy, processed food, eggs, sugar/artifical sweetners, and gluten. Ive previously read alot of info on the dropping dairy and have thought about it before but this made me relook at it. I also spent some time reading up on gluten (wheat, barley, rye) yesterday. Last year I read Skinny Bitch and wanted to cut artificial sweetners out after that but lost my momentum. If FEELS like the right thing to do. So Im going for a week and see if I feel better after that week then will go from there. In this next week I plan to cut out all forms of dairy, as much gluten as possible, sugars, artificial sweetners and anything packaged. Im not cutting out eggs.

I think one of the hardest parts is going to be cutting out artificial sweetners - I like a diet soda at work and splenda in my coffee, oatmeal ect. Im drinking my first non splenda coffee with unsweetenned vanilla almond milk right now. Not horrible but not awesome. Guess I will get used to it.

Why am I doing this? A few reasons. First I feel like food is incontrol of me instead of me in control of what I eat. I feel addicted to processed food and sweets. Second - I want to get back to some basics. What we have done to the food industry in this country is sickening to me. Third - if I lose some weight and in the process feel better in my skin - bonus!

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