Thursday, March 29, 2012

maybe alittle too gung ho

After having a pretty lengthly conversation with my chiropractor today - I think my post from this morning and diet changes may be alittle too much alittle too fast. I am probually setting myself up for failure.

Im going to dial it back a bit. No artificial sweetners, No processed food. And I will try to minimize dairy.

Im a bit confused on what constitutes processed though. Obviously I know that hohos are processed, frozen dinners ect. But what about jam or my almond milk? Need to do a bit more research :)

Todays food so far has been pretty decent

Breakfast was coffee with just the almond milk, old fashioned oatmeal with fresh berries. And a banana early this am before the gym.

Snacks included a grapefruit and some carrots and hummus.

Lunch was roasted red pepper soup and speghetti squash

Dinner is in the oven now - BBQ salmon, brown rice with mixed veggies and some brussel sprouts.

Will probually have some popcorn and frozen grapes later.

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