Thursday, March 15, 2012

reevaluated goals/plan

Sorry for being MIA. This blog is a funny thing. Sometimes I am so excited to share how things are going good or bad and this blog helps me a ton. Other times Im burnt out on it and frustrated with there just not being enough hours in the day. Right now Im in the second portion. I decided to stick with things though.
We have been re-evaluating things around here.

Homeward bound
After doing our taxes this year we were reminded that we make a nice amount of money but have HORRIBLE budget skills and we have NOTHING to show for all of the money we made. So we decided to take a better look at our finances which 100% stresses me out. I really dont like money talk or work. And the stress carries over everywhere. I sat down and looked at the month of February and what I spent - omg I spent way too much money at Target and coffee shops and what not. We have decided to try to get things to where we can live just on my salary and use hubbies to pay off bills, home improvements and get a significant savings set up for a rainy day. To do that I had to make some sacrifices. I canceled my monthly massage service and weight watchers (more on that in a minute)

Weightloss bound
Yes I got rid of my weight watchers membership. I just couldnt justify spending $42 a month when all I really do is to weigh in. So I went and got one of their 3 month journals and a new point calculator since I wont have access to their website. Im still 100% following it and I have been journaling too. I will be doing my own "official" weigh in on mondays still and will be continueing to post them on here.

Website bound
Yes there will be some changes on here too - it is just too much to keep everything 100% updated. I was alittle too ambitious to plan to post every single day or multiple times a day, updating the daily workout list and what not. I have real life things that need my attention and time - like those actual daily workouts, trying to get my house organized and clean and what not.

So I will be here, not every day but I will be here. I am in an exhausted cycle right now. I had yesterday and today off but both days have been jam packed. My body is tired, my brain is tired and Im tired. Unfortinately my house is a DISASTER, I work 48 hours in the next 4 days and then my dad is coming up from Texas to visit. Super excited about my dad being here and I have some time off so it will be worth the busy days until then.

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  1. I do like your blogs you sound like a lot like me and my family. I use a website called calorie count and instead of points you count calories which is about the same when you look at it. Good luck and have fun with your dad!