Sunday, March 18, 2012

a new week

169!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!

Yup you read that right... 169. I have made it out of the 170s. I did a little dance on the scale this morning and woke up my confused sleepy hubby in the process. If I wasnt too lazy to go out to the van and get my camera there would be a picture of it right HERE. But nope sorry no picture.

I have decided to move my weigh in to Sunday. It was on Mondays because of me trying to get to a meeting the same day every week but since Im not doing meetings anymore it made more sense to move it to the beginning of the week seeing that I make my meal plans and my workouts starting weekly on Sunday. So todays weigh in was technically a day early but its the new weigh in day :)

After seeing some progress on the scale I was even more pumped to get my early morning workout in so I went from the scale to the basement and jumped on the treadmill - I was going to run outside but its really foggy and dark and really didnt want to get hit by a car.

And a few side notes -
  • My dad is coming tuesday... so so so so excited! He hasnt met baby girl yet!
  • And baby girl has finally decided to let me see her roll over. She rolled over 5 times in a row in her crib last night. I was so excited!
  • This morning I officially started training for the zooma annapolis half marathon :)
This weeks workout schedule
Sunday - run 2 miles
Monday - early morning spin
Tues - run 4 miles
Wed - early morning spin
Thur - run 3 miles
Fri - run 4 miles
Sat - rest

Ok baby girl is whining need to get her out of bed and feed her before the sitter comes and then off to work. Have a great Sunday everyone!

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