Saturday, March 3, 2012

taking back over

Its amazing how quickly I can go down the binge eating hole - but I have climbed back out and today is a new day.

I started this morning with my water, then coffee then my chocolate oatmeal yumminess. Then I hit the treadmill and got in alittle over 3 miles. I was aiming for 4 miles but little man was down there talking to me and bugging me and made me lose my mojo. Im going to get the extra mile in tonight after they are in bed.  Afterwards little man ran a full lap at 4.1... he is taking after his mama!

Today is a jam packed day - need to shower, little man has soccer at noon then lunch. Hubby works this evening so Im on kid duty the rest of the evening. Its raining and yucky. Gavin has a playdate scheduled for this afternoon/evening. Then dinner, bath, reading, bed.

Its going to be a good weekend... Im in charge damnit!

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