Saturday, March 3, 2012

I survived chinese food!!!!

I am so freaking proud of me!!!!

Yesterday was a BAD binge eating day... I cant even fathum how many calories I injested. It was bad, bad bad and quite disgusting.

Today Gavin had a play date this evening - the mom just happens to be my best friend. They stayed for dinner. I had left overs and thats about it in the fridge. We talked about going out for Mexican and talked each other out of that - I would have lost control and if I hadnt binged the day before I totally could have enjoyed the dinner out but I didnt have the bank of points for it. So we opted for chinese food.

I got steamed chicken and brocoli with sauce on the side. I ate 2 oz of the steamed chicken, all of the brocoli and 3 tbsp of the sauce. Thats it. No wontons, no egg rolls, no fried rice. And no it wasnt nearly as yummy as what the others were eating but it did the job. I didnt feel deprived. I easily stayed within my points and it was still good.

Very very proud of me right now.

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  1. Way to go!! I LOVE when I can make good decisions, especially when I'm picking myself back up from a fall, its so empowering!!

    I'm planning to go out tomorrow and have pre-logged my cheat meal to make it fit into my day. Here's hoping I stick to it!