Sunday, October 21, 2012

5k virgins!

I had the most amazing day! The weather was PERFECT and so was the company! Today 11 gals ran their very first 5k. I am like a crazy proud momma right now! They all did AMAZING! I was blown away by some of their times!  The rest of the day will be go go go - first I made sure to enjoy a nice hot bubble bath. In a bit we are heading to a kids play at the community college then dinner out. My step mom flys back to Texas in the morning. So sad. Here are a few pics...

Waiting for the bus. 45 degrees but felt colder and yes it was still dark outside!

My step mom (3 weeks after finishing her 3rd 70.3!) lead us in a quick warm up.

The group pre-run

My step mom and I waiting to begin!

A few of the girls waiting cheering on the others!

Post run - feeling AWESOME!
One of the girls husband got a running pic of me right before the finish - wish I would have smiled :)

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