Monday, September 28, 2009

good week but not on the scale!

My scale has been stuck at 183 for almost 2 weeks, every time I weigh myself it says 183. Im starting to think my scale is broken or out to get me!

BUT I havent let the nonmoving number affect me AT all. I have been awesome! I have stayed within my points. I have made healthy food choices - last night I was STARVING when I got home but instead of picking up fast food like I really wanted to do... I came home. Boiled a single small potatoe to mash with fat free sourcream, grilled chicken and brocoli. It felt good afterwards not to be upset with myself. I also need to work on decreasing the diet sodas I consume - it makes me crave sweets and although Im not giving in to the craving they suck. So I have decided that for every diet cherry pepsi I am charging myself one WW point. Yes I know they are zero points but I need to hold myself accountable not to overdo it... if I wanted to then I could EASILY drink a case of sodas in two days!

Im dreading weighing in on thursday. I want a good weigh in!

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