Friday, September 4, 2009

The beginning of my LAST weight loss journey!

I have decided that to be true to myself and everyone else, then I have to put everything out there. The things I don't want people to know, that private part of me that I keep to myself.

SOOOOO many people are going through the same struggles that I am and I say "why cant we do it together?"

So a little about me. I am a very busy person. I am a full time graduate student and will graduate in 14 weeks with my masters in nursing (acute care nurse practitioner). I work as a nurse 1-2 days a week. I am married to an amazing man named Eric, who is also very busy and is an amazing police officer. I am a mom to the best little boy in the world. G just turned 3. We have one dog, two cats and a gold fish named "goldfishy".

I have been overweight most of my life, not huge but definitely overweight. Looking back at when I was a teenager I thought I was HUGE and I wasn't. But now I am considered obese by my damn wii!

I know what to do to lose weight. The actual losing of weight is relatively easy. You eat less calories than you burn, not difficult. And when I stick to things, I lose weight easily. BUT the problem is that I sabotage myself over and over. When I follow a healthy life, when I eat well and exercise regularly ... I feel AWESOME. I feel healthy. I feel energetic. I feel happy. But then I sabotage my efforts and make myself feel horrible. I feel like a failure.

SO this is a new beginning. I am not going on a diet. I am going to try to make life changes. I am going to try to make myself healthy. I will not think poorly of myself if I'm not perfect; who is?

I will be following weight watchers as far as food is concerned. My amazing friend Rachael goes to meetings with me. Her and I are not doing well right now, we haven't really lost any weight in 2 months. And most of the time we go out for BAD dinners right after the meeting. We are striving to do better.

My other goal is to run a half marathon next spring/beginning of summer. I ran my first and only 5K last spring and it was AMAZING. But I haven't really ran much since then. When I was running it was so relaxing. Once I learned how to breath the correct way - it was fun and a great stress reliever.... which I very much need. I have a full gym in my basement and have access to a free gym a few days a week at school that I don't use. I plan to ease into all of this with the minimum of running or elliptical 30 min 5 days a week.

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