Tuesday, September 8, 2009

on a stretch...

Two days in a row, maybe three... of being good! I am so proud of myself. I have been so busy that since my meals are planned its easy. I dont have time to think about food, good or bad... its a good thing! Normally since I dont have time to think about it then I eat without thinking which is definatly not good.

I spent the entire day busy as can be in clinical today - the time flew. Then I was on mom duty with my little man and now I need to get going and do some reading before heading to bed. I really wanted to work out tonight but it didnt happen... tomarrow!

SO my meal plan for tomarrow and yes lunch is already packed!

5am coffee (0)
7am cottage cheese with fruit (3)
10am fiber one bar (2) coffee (0)
12 sandwich (3), apple (1), almonds (2)
230pm wasa crackers and cheese (2)
530pm coffee (1), sandwich (3)
7pm soup (1)
18 total

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