Sunday, March 7, 2010

ok so partially MIA

It appears that I NEED to be on here and follow my fav weight loss blogs and be accountable.

I have eaten like a PIG today - I came back from my 3 days of actually doing ok, working out they way I should and being responsible about most of the food went in my mouth. Well my fear came to reality. When I splurge alittle then it turns into alot and I CANT STOP! Today I told myself "just one more day" - despite packing my healthy lunch I ate ... chips, icecream, 4 brownies, a few pieces of candy, McDonalds for dinner, dorittos and eggos with butter and syrup, pepsi... wow saying all that really just sounds, well, DISGUSTING. How did I put all of that in my mouth. It didnt fill the "hunger" since the "hunger" wasnt for food. I was bored at work today, I am MASSIVELY stressed about this test on Friday and I didnt work out today, what I actually crave. This all added up to my going MASSIVELY overboard... ridiculously overboard... FAT girl overboard. That is how I got here to begin with!

So I decided I need to come on here and put it all out there. Take responsibility for it and move on - try to learn something from this. Tomarrow is a new day - I need to get up, workout, plan my meals... drink some water - I drank NO water today! I feel like crud!

Oh and I cant seem to find my food journal...I need my journal!!!

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