Tuesday, March 16, 2010

so far so good!

Had my workout with Shannon - I am so glad I bit the bullet and started the sessions. I think they will REALLY help. I felt alittle crappy afterwards though, alittle nauseated but I think my blood sugar had went down - I need to plan alittle better in the am meal wise before I go and plan to have something in my car afterwards if I need it. I came home and had an apple and felt MUCH better!

SOOOO good to have a day off today. Im about to go pick up Gavin and J from preschool. Plan to start tackling the mess in my room during nap time. Gracie needs a nice long walk today. Want to make something yummy and healthy for dinner tonight. I talked a friend in letting me help her on her weight loss journey... I do so much better when Im helping someone else regardless what Im trying to do. So today I am weighing and measureing her and giving her a food journal. The sun is shining - its going to be a great day!!!

930 update - Im right at my daily 27 points. I want to munch but had a hot tea instead while I watch biggest loser. I played like crazy with G outside today, ran around, jumped on the trampoline. Weighed myself before enjoying a nice hot bath - 176.5 baby!!! Seeing that the stupid scale said 181 Sunday I will take that! I am back!!!

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