Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yup thats me...smiling. I have had a great day today and feel good about life, about me, about my family. Its a great feeling.

I pushed myself at the gym today - 35 min on treadmill including a one mile run and 2 miles of speed drills, 30 min ellyptical, abs, and I braved the "man area" and did an upper body workout with free weights. I then got to see some gal pals which is always nice. Showering today after the gym was pointless because then I did some yard work and was a DIRTY sweaty mess! Dinner was yummy and healthy - small baked potatoes from the grill with lite sour cream and tons of steamed brocoli and turkey kielbasa. YUMMO! And bonus I picked up some frozen raspberries FINALLY and will have my favorite apple, raspberry, yogurt, cereal conconction... if you havent tried it yet then you REALLY should... it is so so so yummy!

Looking forward to relaxing and watch biggest loser tonight and then off to spin class in the morning ... is a theme developing?

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