Monday, April 5, 2010


So spinning rocked! I totally enjoyed it! I was dripping sweat, the 45 min FLEW by and it was FUN and best yet I could keep up, I didnt look like a moron and stuck out like a newbie. My butt didnt hurt right away but its starting to now, its an odd spot though - kind of where my front and back meet. But its not a horrible pain and I can still walk and run and play with G.

Now afterwards I felt alittle nauseated - I needed to eat something but the cafe wasnt open yet so I walked to Wawa and got an apple. I probually looked liek a weirdo, sweaty and gross with my water bottle and towel going in just for an apple but then I felt SO much better. Then I got G from their daycare and we played in the pool.

Its a gorgeous day outside - Im about to jump in the shower and then G and I are heading out to play outside. Tomarrow Im heading to the gym again to run and workout and then another spin class on wed morning. I think I might get hooked!

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