Sunday, April 4, 2010

weigh in scared...

Tomarrow am is weigh in - I was down this morning but up this evening. I HAVE TO STOP WEIGHING MYSELF so damn often!!! Its not healthy. It drives me crazy!

Today I did pretty darn well - yes I went over my points but only used a small portion of my extra points. I was mindful of everything I ate. I didnt mindlessly eat. I didnt eat just to eat. I drank a ton of water... no soda. But Im so bummed that I may not see it on the scale. I havent worked out since thursday. I completely missed working out saturday night and I said I was going to work out tonight after work but JUST got home (9pm) from almost 2 hours of holiday traffic...uhhhh! So I had a snack and Im done!

So we will see tomarrow.... BUT if its not in my favor then it isnt the end of the world. I have some great workouts planned this week. I am trying my first spin class tomarrow - already registered! I have a house full of healthy food. Even if the scale is not in my favor then I just keep trucking - eventually it will be.


  1. Hey, sounds like you did really well! Good show of self control. I hope you get a good weigh in tomorrow!

  2. p.s... how did your journaling go this week? I came to check on you :)

  3. Lyn - I have journaled on paper but didnt do so great getting that on here... I didnt do the challange very well :(