Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OK now on to what happenned today...

I wasnt going to post tonight but I have some down time so I thought what the heck ... so here I am.


SO I got up EARLY (515am) and was dressed, at the high school track and running by 530... impressive huh?!? This was my first run before work in this training... yaaa me. So the good - first I did it! SecondI got in 2.5 miles even though it was SO humid that it felt like I was breathing through a wet towel and while I didnt do much distance wise and had to walk briefly here and there - what I did run, I ran pretty quickly for me. Also my energy was pretty up there most of the day with starting it with a run. THe best part of going to the track this morning was the person I met but more on her in a minute. The bad... it was HOT, humid, gross.

So when I got to the track there was a women sitting in her car. When I opened my door so did she and she said she was happy someone else was there because she didnt want to be on the track that early by herself... I was relieved too! I had visions of being abducted and my hubby is in bed asleep and doesnt even know Im missing. So we chatted for a few minutes. She had some friends meeting her so I started running and she walked with her friends. When I was done and walking my cooldown lap, I noticed she was now walking by herself so I asked if she wanted company for a lap. Something I normally wouldnt have done. Glad I did. This women was a huge inspiration to me. In January she was 360 lbs, today she is about 250 on her own. She told me that when she started she could barely walk one lap. Now she walks 1-2 miles every single morning. She has aspirations of running the disney half marathon and is saving up for Jan 2012. I was in aww.


I think that along this journey I have learned more and more about who I am and who I want to be. I think that I am more at ease in my skin and I like me more. That comes through as a nicer happier me.

Last year I would say half of the people that met me would tell you I was a bitch. Not everyone likes me, thats putting it nicely. I have not been known to be a nice person.

I feel like Im seeing less and less of that me as time goes by. Im smiling more. I say hi to strangers on the street. I genuinely want to get to know people that I normally would just shrug off. I know most of that shrugging was because I wanted to turn them down before they turned me down. I had such poor self esteem. That is improving in leaps and bounds.

For the first time in a long time I am genuinely happy. What a feeling.


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  1. I need to get motivated. Im awake at 5am every morning, as I have to drive my fiance to work. Im saving up for a gym membership, my plan is to hit the gym right after I drop him off, while I have time to kill in the morning before work. I know that everyone says working out in the morning gives you the energy & motivation for the day, but Ill ask you- does it, and do you love it? Great job anyways!