Saturday, June 19, 2010

so much to post - too many title options...

I have alot to say this morning - Im going to try to limit it a bit and going to try not to sound to OCD... here goes!


It is NOT easy making friends as an adult. Yes its easy to make acquatences at work or at the gym, people you chat with but real friendship is difficult. Adult life gets in the way and its hard to nurture the beginning of a friendship to make it go from friendly to true friendship. Its hard to give it the time it needs and attention - between work, family, life. Everything takes up your time. I have been very lucky to alway have one good friend, that friend has changed over the years as life has took turns here and there and needs change. I have been lucky always to have someone to go to if I need to talk, someone to call any hour of the day/night if need be, someone I can be myself around and not feel like I have to impress them (love ya Rach!) ... ok so yes that was corney but here comes the more corney part... I think I have a new friend :) I have a new running partner - more to come on that in a minute - and we click. We have alot in common and the small amount I know about her so far it feels like we were seperated at birth :) She reads this so I hope Im on the right mark... its not every day you really feel like you click with somone, expecially as you get older. Just yesterday I was responding to a discussion on friendship as an adult women ... for the longest time I felt that I didnt have a ton of friends because of me - that I was self conscience or that I was too boring and would shy away from really getting to know people and allow that friendship to happen. Turns out ALOT of women feel this exact same way.


Soooo... today is the first day that I actually feel hopeful and that my aspirations of a LONG run will actually happen. Yes I only ran 2.5 miles today but I did it strong. I didnt want to stop, my breathing stayed even through the entire run, my side didnt hurt. It felt GREAT!

Today was my first run with Nicole - I took a pic at the end of our run to mark the occation.

I felt like a dork bringing my camera but I thought this might be the beginning of something amazing. This is our first run and by the fall we will be 1/2 marathon ready so this is after 2.5 miles and we are smiling - lets see if we can smile through 13.1!

I feel hopeful!

Being Productive

So getting up early sucked this morning - I stayed up a bit too late last night. BUT I did it. It helped that I had someone expecting me. My training will have me running alot on work days so I need to start getting up early and get moving if I want to suceed.

This morning already has been so productive - its 1030 am and I have already ran 2.5 miles, weeded my front yard, jumped on the trampoline with G, made a rocking healthy breakfast, played trains, took a shower and wrote this novel of a post. And I feel like I have a ton of energy! Later today we will be taking a family nap - love those! Playing outside, cooking out, bon fire tonight, movie night with hubby after G is in bed. A great saturday!

Oh and I lost 4 lbs this week! Granted I gained 2 last week but still!

And on a sour note...

Last night I had a mini binge - probually consumed about 1000 calories after dinner. We went out for icecream and a ride in the convertable last night. Then I ate like 3 fruit rollups and some toast with peanut butter. I wasnt hungry - I didnt need it but I couldnt stop... I HATE THAT! I think it was all emotional eating and I made myself even sit down afterwards and work out what it was all about... yesterday I babysat my 6 month old niece in addition to my 3 year old. I felt like a failure - I couldnt get anything done, dinner was a disaster, I kept snapping at my son for things that normally wouldnt... I want another kid but after a day like yesterday dont feel like I would do two kids well... I felt like such a failure.

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