Sunday, July 18, 2010

good morning.

We had a rough night in my house last night. G fell yesterday at the pool and scrapped up his chest, under arm and leg pretty badly. Needless to say he hurt alot last night and when he tried to sleep he kept rubbing his chest and waking up crying. If he hadnt played and been fine earlier I would have thought maybe he had a broken rib or something the way he was hurting. (he is fine this morning thank goodness). So around midnight he had a big crying session and ended up going to bed with me. My wonderful husband who I havent seen much of lately was nice enough to sleep on the top of G's bunk bed so we could have the bed to ourselves. Im sure he was more thinking that he would get a quieter night sleep there.

So we just woke up - 830ish which is really late for G....yaaa! Needless to say I wont make my 9am spin class. Not that Im much in the mood.

Im sore from running yesterday. Not horribly sore but sore regardless.

Im also alittle bummed at myself for how much I ate yesterday. Its confession time. I ate ALOT. I dont know why I ate everything I ate. I didnt need most of it. I was even getting great attention with everyone telling me how great I look and how much smaller I am. Here is everything I ate yesterday...

peanut butter muffin, egg white muffin, large McD's fries, 4 piece nugget, 2 brownies, 8 crabs, 2 glasses of sangria, 5 diet sodas, two slices of cookie cake with icing, a candy bar, a personal pizza.

Really??? DO you know how much food that is? How many points that is? How gross I feel today. I also feel very bloated and swollen from all of the salt.

The sad part is I want to allow myself to turn that into a week long binge but I am NOT going to do that! I am back on track this morning. I need to stay within my daily points and not go over at all from now until friday since friday Im taking hubby to melting pot. I need to get all my workouts in and drink ALOT of water.

Since I didnt make it to spin today I think instead today I will do 45 min on the elliptical and some weight training.

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